TradeLNX provides sourcing outreach for products, commodities and product manufacturers in China, the US and elsewhere. We also help in the organization and facilitation of special projects between parties-including government and private partnerships. We offer regulatory agency assistance; preparation of partner trade agreements; act as manufacturer’s representative; undertake import/export, warehousing and shipping logistics; establish and enforce quality control standards; design and supervise “point-of-sale” packaging and bridge inter-cultural business protocols:

TradeLNX will source a product or commodity from China, as you may request. We will also source a Chinese buyer for your product or commodity. We will then negotiate favorable pricing and terms with your potential trading partner

TradeLNX will pre-qualify potential suppliers and then work with you to create a quality control checklist which will serve as a supplier compliance standard. TradeLNX emphasizes quality control compliance as a condition of working with us

TradeLNX will act as your “Trans-Creator” in all communication. This includes initial marketing, negations for terms of sale and price, promotional material, translation, specifications, contract documents…and more

TradeLNX will source a manufacturer to produce your product in China, at a major cost saving to you. We work with plastic, metal and wood fabricators, basket weavers, custom box makers and apparel and fabric mills, to name a few

TradeLNX will design and coordinate ‘point-of-sale’ packaging for your product, whether it is being exported or imported to or from China-or elsewhere. This includes label translation and printing, bar coding and shipping to you or your accounts


TradeLNX principals, Paul Lin and Theo Mittet, travel to China several times a year. They attend a variety of trade shows in search of new product and commodity opportunities. And, while there, they actively maintain and nurture their excellent existing contacts with Chinese factory owners and suppliers while always seeking new product and commodity trading channels. TradeLNX does not work through representatives or second parties (unless it is unavoidable in a particular circumstance). This allows us to negotiate lowest pricing and to personally oversee quality control. Our excellent reputation in China and elsewhere provides a critical ‘trust’ leverage which we have earned and which we work hard to maintain. TradeLNX knows how to do business in China, let us show you what we can do for your company.


TradeLNX facilitates export of products and commodities to China from the US and elsewhere. The taste for US and western consumer goods includes food, medicine, snacks, clothes, health care items and a multitude of other consumer products. Additionally, the Chinese already import foreign commodities including wood pulp, metals, milling products, grains and oil seeds, pharmaceuticals, raw logs and more. One of our missions is to introduce TradeLNX to small and medium sized companies who may have never, before now, considered exporting their products or commodities to China. The creation of product and commodity buyer channels in China is through a triad of government officials, private entrepreneurs and an initial contact facilitator. Without the establishment of these interlocking contacts, finding a buyer for a product or commodity in China can be a lonely, costly and unproductive search. Let TradeLNX show you how to open the door to the massive Chinese market…and beyond.


TradeLNX offers full supply-chain and logistics services from point of origin to final destination. This includes procurement and money transfer, insurance, warehousing in China and the US (with a “small order” delivery option available to US customers), regulatory compliance and drop shipping or other services as may be requested. You can count on TradeLNX to generate a measurable advantage in the undertaking of your sourcing needs…from start to finish. Let our logistics synergy work for you.